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Perfect Empowered Drinking Water®

Perfect Empowered Drinking Water®

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Twenty-four 500 mL (16.9 fl. oz.) Bottles

Optimize your hydration

A refreshing drinking water infused with MBO®*, a proprietary process that stabilizes oxygen in the water.


      • Uses a 15-step purification process to remove contaminants and ensure purity.
      • Is purified, remineralized, ionized, microstructured, and oxygen rich.
      • Infuses each bottle with molecular bound oxygen (MBO®*), which enhances bio-available oxygen.


Shipping Information 

Orders shipped to the following states require bottle deposits, which will be added to the purchase price: CA, CT, ME, NY, HI 5¢ per bottle; OR 10¢ per bottle.

*Perfect Empowered Drinking Water® and MBO® are registered trademarks of Perfect Water & Essentials LLC.

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